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Could Eating More Butter Help You Run Faster? The Sock-Doc
May 6th, 2015 by runnersconnect at 12:01 am

My guest today is honest. Not interested in telling you what you want to hear, but instead using his knowledge as a doctor to teach you how to make yourself more healthy, rather than giving you something to treat the symptoms, but never really addressing the true source of the problem.

Today I am talking to Steve Gangemi, also known as the Sock Doc.

  • Dr Gangemi is doctor who focuses on holisitic health care, focusing on the entire body rather than just the areas that are giving you trouble to look at why you are having an issue, to prevent it from happening again.
    • Sock doc is not what you think!
  • He has completed 16 ironmans, and has been a competitive triathlete and runner for most of his life- understands runners
  • Dr. Gangemi has had training in functional neurology, biochemistry, acupressure, applied kinesiology and dietary and lifestyle medication methods.

Some of the topics we will cover today include:

  • Which area of the body is an issue for most people, even runners, and how keeping it loose could improve your performance. You will be surprised!
  • What the Sock Doc has attributed his injury free streak of almost 20 years to
  • How to transition safely to minimalist shoes, and why you need to spend more time barefoot
  • How to change your eating habits to allow your body to heal better naturally, rather than relying on anti-inflammatory pills. This will help you heal quicker than you expect!
  • Why eating more butter could change your life for the better, and make you run faster!

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