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What Can You Do to Change the World?- Kathrine Switzer
Jun 3rd, 2015 by runnersconnect at 12:01 am

One of my favorite quotes is by Neal Donald Walsh; life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Even though this quote is very well known, and we often tell ourselves that we are great at taking those leaps of faith, I often wonder, are we really? One person who has embraced this to the fullest is my guest today. She is one of the figureheads of womens running, and a photo of her in the Boston Marathon was voted one of the 100 photos that changed the world. Not only did she change it that day in boston in 1967, but she has kept that momentum going and is still encouraging it, breaking those barriers, pushing those boundaries, and making sure the women of the future have as much opportunity as men.

My guest today is Kathrine Switzer

  • Was Inducted into the U.S.A. National Women’s Hall of Fame
  • In the first class of inductees into the National Distance Running Hall of Fame
  • The first woman to officially enter the Boston Marathon
    • Time-Life’s “100 Photos that Changed the World.”
  • Won the New York City Marathon in 1974.
  • Ran her personal best in 1975, finishing second in Boston (2:51:33).
  • Emmy award-winning TV commentator
  • Author of Marathon Woman

After Kathrine shares her monumental story behind those iconic photos from her Boston Marathon race, we are going to talk about:

  • Why running leads to empowerment, and when that empowerment is combined with education it can lead to freedom for women all over the world
  • Why the grassroot movement by women taking on running themselves was what changed the world not the induction of the womens marathon into the olympics
  • Why running can be seen as a common language between us all, and how we are all part of one big community brought together by running side by side with runners all over the world
  • How social movements occur, and how you can contribute to this movement

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