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    chats with Running Influencers, Researchers, Olympians, Experts & Everyday Runners
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    What is Runners Connect

    Tired of reading fluff articles about how to run a marathon in 5 weeks or how to run faster without trying? So are we. Our mission is to provide you with unparalleled expertise and knowledge about training and racing to help make you a smarter, fitter, and faster runner. We're fellow runners and experts in one thing only - improving your running. If you've ever started a run at 3am or run circles in a parking garage to make sure you got in your run for the day, this site is for you.
What is the Secret to a Sub 3:00 Marathon?- Doug Kurtis
Apr 1st, 2015 by runnersconnect at 12:01 am

Have you ever met someone whose excitement and passion is so infectious that you cannot help but be in awe of them? How about someone who you struggle to even wrap your head around their incredible accomplishments? We all know those storytellers who have so many great stories to share, you could sit there for hours listening to them telling you their adventures.

My guest today is all three of those, and someone who could make even the biggest running hater love the sport.

My guest today is

Doug Kurtis

  • World Record holder for most career sub 2:20 marathons-76
  • Winner of 40 marathons- Detroit 6 times, grandmas 2 times, Bangkok 3 times
  • 5 time OTQ
  • Road Runners Club of America Hall of Fame in 1998
  • Total of 205 marathons, 200 under 3 hours
  • Best marathon 2:13:34, and ran 2:15:47 at age 42, masters winner
  • Director of many Michigan races including the Detroit Thanksgiving Turkey Trot and Corktown
  • Used to write for Detroit free press, currently writes for Run Michigan and Michigan Runner
  • Motivational speaker, course designer, and coach

Some of the topics Doug and I are going to discuss today include:

  • Why running in a group or with training partners is more important than most people realize
  • How dougs first marathon involved running into a drug store, having his blisters popped, and jumping back into the race
  • Dougs secret to how he was able to train for the 200 sub 3:00 marathons
  • Advice on how to run your first marathon, and why you should consider your hometown marathon for your debut
  • How to overcome nervousness on race day
  • Dougs best advice for marathoners on getting through the bad patches