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You’ll Never Know Unless You Try. What Are You Capable Of?- Mike Wardian
Jul 1st, 2015 by runnersconnect at 2:00 am

We all have to run on our own sometimes. Those moments where you can be alone with your thoughts, and your mind runs wild. It is always fascinating to reflect on the places your mind goes, and what you end up thinking about.

Do you ever find that you come up with a crazy idea, something you would like to challenge yourself to do, but then you swat it away, nah, I could do that. What a silly idea you think to yourself. But what if you didn’t swat that idea away, what if you added that to a list, a list that you work your way through and push yourself in new ways as often as you can.

That is what my guest today is known for. He takes inspiration and ideas from all over the running world, and tries all kinds of challenges.

Before you start thinking so, my guest was not an all star in college, he has not broken 4:00 in the mile, and when he raced his first marathon, he was in the back corrals, wondering if he would ever make it across the start line to actually begin the race.

My guest today is real proof that you will never know unless you try. This podcast is really going to get you thinking, about what you can achieve, and maybe, just maybe the next time that idea comes into your head about a way to challenge yourself, maybe you will act on it, and learn more about yorsuelf than you ever have before.

So who is this brave, challenging loving guest?

Mike Wardian

  • Sponsored by 25 companies including hoka one one, Nathan, The Stick, Sweetgreen, inside tracker
  • 5th place in Tarawere Ultramarathon 100k in Rotura NZ (1st master)
  • 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 US 50k champion
  • 2008 100k champion
  • WR pushing stroller marathon 2007-2009 (2:34:37)
  • Fastest 50k (2:59:47) on a treadmill
  • Four-time recipient of the USA Track & Field Ultra Runner of the Year award
  • Bronze 2009-2010 50k world champs
  • Silver 100k world champs 2011

Mike and I talk about

  • How different challenges all have their own unique way of making you stronger, even if they are all races
  • How to know when to pull the plug on a race, and what things to listen to your body about while racing
  • Why its fun to do things that scare you, even if it does not work out
  • Why you should try things you are not particularly good at, even if it means coming in last
  • Mikes story about how he ran 2 50k races within 36 hours on a cruise on a treadmill, both world record attempts (and successes)

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