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Everything You Need to Know About Injuries: Jeremy Stoker
Mar 18th, 2015 by runnersconnect at 12:01 am

It may not come as a surprise, but injury related topics are our most popular articles on Runners Connect. No-one wants an injury, and it is the most frustrating part of being a runner, especially as a lot of non-runners roll their eyes at us. But wouldn’t it be nice to talk to a professional who did not think runners were crazy, and could understand the treatment and scientific side of injuries as well as the drive and passion we have for our sport?

That is exactly what you will find from todays podcast. My guest today has his doctorate in Physical Therapy, and specializes in running injuries. All runners need to listen to this podcast, and I am sure most of you will be nodding your head as we go through this interview.

Jeremy Stoker

  • Physical Therapist working at Mountain Land PT Kaysville Clinic
  • Graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy
  • Specializes in treating running injuries; we wont be getting the rolling eyes some other Physical Therapists give us!
  • Ran his first marathon at age 15
  • Certified USATF coach
  • Regular speaker at events
    • Recently American Physical Therapy Association National Conference

Todays Episode will cover

  • Why 65% of runners and up to 90% of marathon runners will go through some kind of injury each year.
  • How making cross training a part of your routine can reduce injury risk, help maintain fitness during injury, and return to running faster, and why you can use almost any form of cross training to get the benefits.
  • How new runners can increase with their training without becoming injured, and Jeremy’s hopes for developing a scale for safe progression as runners.
  • Why rotating your shoes can lead to a 39% lower risk of injury, and what you need to look for when you select your running shoes.
  • The three things to consider if you have pain while running, and how to use these to determine whether to stop running or keep going.
  • In what situations runners need to alter their racing plans or ultimately pull the plug on a race.
  • Why the decisions you make during your return to running post injury are critical to the rest of your running life, and what you can do to make sure your return to running progresses correctly.

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