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How Inspiring Others Could Be the Motivation You Need to Succeed- Fernando Cabada
Oct 7th, 2015 by runnersconnect at 12:01 am

Marathon Season is here and this is Chicago Marathon week (did you read our Chicago marathon race guide?).  One of the runners who will take part in it is my guest on this episode and he shares his incredible story of bravery and overcoming the odds to lead a life that inspires others. It is the most emotional interview I've done and I am certain you will be as inspired by Fernando Cabada as I am.

Fernando explains that he grew up in the Fresno, California area as the son of first and second generation immigrants.  His father was in and out of prison throughout Fernando’s childhood.  He explains how he was often scared, nervous, degraded and neglected in his youth.  In the third grade, Fernando discovered running, and while it would be years before he would achieve the success he wanted, running gave him something he never had before. Fernando said, “when I ran it made me feel like some like somebody.”  He adds, “Running was something I was good at and I held on for dear life.”  Running made, and continues to make, Fernando feel like Superman. After achieving success in high school, Fernando went on to his collegiate career and then to additional achievements, including running  2:12:27 at the Fukuoka Marathon, the seventh-fastest debut by an American and setting the American record of 1:14:21, at 25k at the National Championships in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Episode Highlights:

  • How inspiring others gives Fernando the most motivation
  • The emotional story of a race where Fernando knew that winning would make a huge difference for his family
  • The importance of meeting your own expectations and racing for yourself
  • Dealing with the self doubt that can sabotage your times
  • What coaching means to him
  • Using a ladder approach to build up to longer events
  • The one main thing that has kept Fernando injury-free
  • Fernando’s preparation for the upcoming Olympic trials

Fernando believe that runners need to be grateful that we are able to participate in events because there are a lot of people who would like to but can’t because of their circumstances in life.  Fernando will keep reaching for the top and believes becoming an Olympian would be the perfect ending to his story.

How Inspiring Others Could Be the Motivation You Need to Succeed- Fernando Cabada

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