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How to Balance Kids, Working Full Time, and Marathon Training- Angie Spencer
May 13th, 2015 by runnersconnect at 5:00 am

If you are listening to this podcast, unless you are my mum or dad, you have probably been bitten by the running bug. It can be hard to describe, and maybe you did not see it coming, like my guest today, but running is addictive, and it will change your life in ways you never imagined.

Sure it gives you toned muscles and the ability to get out of the pouring rain quicker than you would have otherwise, but running gives you so much more than that.

My guest today went from running an injury plagued first marathon to running 32 marathons all healthy, and setting up an online training website.

There are many ways running changes our lives for the better, and today my guest and I talk about the process, how running always gives back more than it takes, and how perseverance can lead to your greatest accomplishments.

My guest today is Angie Spencer. Angie is the co-founder and host of Marathon Training Academy blog and podcast, which she set up with her husband Trevor. They have 3 children, and are experts at organizing their time to fit in everything they need to do.

  • Angie graduated from Montana State with a Bachelors of Science, and is now a registered nurse
  • She is a USATF and Road Runners Club of America certified coach, and has many clients whom she coaches from the marathon training academy website.
  • Angie has a personal best marathon of 3:35:41, and ran this years boston marathon followed by the Lincoln marathon 2 weeks later.
  • Angie specializes in beginners for the marathon and really believes in the importance of running being able to transform lives.

Today Angie and I are going to talk about:

  • How angie‚Äôs life changed forever when she took up running
  • Why running 3 days a week is enough, and what you can do to stay healthy
  • How to fit marathon training in with 3 kids and a full time work schedule
  • What mistakes first time marathoners make, and how to overcome them

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