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3 Simple Ways to Determine if You are Running Easy Enough: Matt Fitzgerald
Apr 29th, 2015 by runnersconnect at 12:01 am

Before we reintroduced the podcast, Jeff and I created a survey for our subscribers to give their feedback on how we could improve the podcast, and what you would like to see in the future of the podcast. I was a little confused by one guest request that came up over and over; Matt Fitzgerald. Matt had already been on the show twice, would listeners not want someone different?

It was only once I listened to his two epiosdes that I could see why. He was absolutely fascinating, and such a pioneer within our running world. I loved his approach, and he is the kind of person you could go to a lecture from, and actually enjoy listening to what they have to say.

I then knew that I had to bring him back on the show. Not only did YOU want him, but now I had all these questions that I wanted to ask, that I was sure you would be curious about too.

My guest today is

Matt Fitzgerald

  • Author of over 20 books;
    • Racing Weight, Brain Training for Runners, Diet Cults, and most recently 80/20 Running
  • Writer for Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Outside, Shape, Stuff, and Women’s Health.
  •  Certified by the International Society of Sports Nutrition
  •  Served as a consultant to numerous sports nutrition companies
    • Serves as a training intelligence specialist for PEAR Sports
  •  Endurance sports coach
  • Cherry Marketing Institute ambassador 

Some of the topics Matt and I are going to discuss today include:

  • Why there is no one right way to eat, especially when it comes to chosing a particular diet
  • The importance of having a healthy relationship with food
  • The psychology behind why we tend to put ourselves in the moderate intensity level within our running even when we know we need to run easy
  • Three ways you can measure to see if you are running at the right threshold to allow for recovery
  • The importance of developing power as a runner, and how you can use it to become faster at every distance

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