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Need a Running Professional to Trust? Listen to Dr. Nick Campitelli
Oct 21st, 2015 by runnersconnect at 12:01 am

Today we’re talking mostly about foot injuries in runners, how to prevent them, and why they happen in the first place. We also go into orthotics, Dr. Nick’s top shoe recommendations, and so much more.

Our guest started out running as a hobby, and has been a runner most of his life.

Dr. Nick Campitelli is a podiatrist based in Akron, Ohio who specializes in foot and ankle surgery.

Although his practice revolved around general podiatry and was more surgical based, it’s quickly been attracting attention from runners all over the country, with whom he deals with injuries, issues, form and training.

Here are some of today’s topics:

  • How to avoid some of the most common foot injuries
  • When to use custom orthotics and when to stay away
  • Why flip flops and Converse aren’t as bad as you think
  • The most common runner’s injuries and what to do about them
  • When to use custom orthotics and when to stay away
  • Why your foot shape is irrelevant to your footwear

Many times when shoe shopping, people think that trusting the salesperson is the way to go. What they don’t know, is that they’re potentially making a huge mistake. Only a knowledgeable professional should be advising them on such an important subject; that’s exactly why we brought in our guest today.

We spoke in depth about footwear, covering everything from foot type, to shoe type, to being barefoot. Dr. Nick really emphasizes the importance of wearing the right shoes for you, and with good reason, considering all the hazardous things that can happen if you don’t.

Not only is it important to focus this advice on running shoes, but your casual shoes are just as important. He talks about his top picks for running gear, what he categorizes as a minimalist shoe, and why inserts and orthotics could potentially be worsening your condition.

Lastly we get the low-down on running a negative split, black toenails and bunions, and the doc’s best advice for runners.

Dr. Nick is so smart and knowledgeable, but he really just loves to help other runners like himself succeed. Between being a runner and a doctor, he really understands the logic behind why we do what we do, so make sure to listen closely, because he really knows his stuff.

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